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Hey Hey Macrame!

You have probably noticed typical 1970′s crafts have been having a big “moment” for the past year.  Macrame and large free form weaving are especially happening.  They act as a nice softener …

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Comfy Sheepskin

Auskin Sheepskin

One of our favorite decorative accessories are sheepskins by  Auskin. Whether you drape them on a chair or throw them on your floor, they can bring warmth and comfort into any room. …

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Succulent Planter

Succulent Planter Tips

Succulent planters are a beautiful, easy solution for adding some new life into your space.  The biggest benefit to using succulents is that if you have a bit of indirect sunlight, even …

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Back from CAMP!

It has been almost a month since we went to CAMP which is put on by  We are feeling more inspired than ever since returning.  It was an awesome experience that blended summer …

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An aerial view of the San Francisco Shipyard

The San Francisco Shipyard

We are so excited to be working on The San Francisco Shipyard project!  We’ve specified all of the Olympia home finishes as well as done all of the interior design for both their welcome …

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W.B. Fontenot at Barker

At Barker Block’s new building, there is a fantastic indoor-outdoor gallery space. When faced with the task of curating a show with enough oomph to stand out from the concrete walls, we …

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We Got A Mural!

Artist Kim West, whose murals can be seen all over the Arts District Downtown, painted the side of our building.  The piece adds so much color and vibrancy to our street.  The …

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Barker #1!

Another Humble Brag: Barker Block

We’ve just completed the common areas and four model units in the most recent phase of the Barker Warehouse development! Here is some press. Here is Barker Block.

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