Veo Pool Deck

Recent Install: Veo, Carson

We’ve just completed another project! VEO in Carson, CA is going to be an amazing new development.  We’ve just installed their sales center, community center and pool, in addition to four model …

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K2LA Model Home

Paint it Black!

Here at Nadia Geller Designs, we’ve been really into black or charcoal bathrooms.  It may sound crazy, but it makes all skin tones look fantastic! Here is one of our favorite colors: …

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  Sometimes a google image search brings you exactly what you were looking for, sometimes it takes you on a hunt to find the most unbelievable thing to stumble upon…These Kiss gnomes …

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Viva Las Vegas!

We just finished sprucing up three model homes at Parkhouse in Las Vegas.  The task was to add spice and some new flavor to some existing models.  We did just that!  Check …

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Recent Installs: Avant and K2LA

The dust has settled and we have finished 2 installs for Century West here in LA. We’re thrilled to have worked on these projects. See more of Avant and K2LA

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Nadia Geller Designs Market and Studios

Hey Hey Macrame!

You have probably noticed typical 1970′s crafts have been having a big “moment” for the past year.  Macrame and large free form weaving are especially happening.  They act as a nice softener …

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Comfy Sheepskin

Auskin Sheepskin

One of our favorite decorative accessories are sheepskins by  Auskin. Whether you drape them on a chair or throw them on your floor, they can bring warmth and comfort into any room. …

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Succulent Planter

Succulent Planter Tips

Succulent planters are a beautiful, easy solution for adding some new life into your space.  The biggest benefit to using succulents is that if you have a bit of indirect sunlight, even …

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